Sunday, December 19, 2004

I've just realised something... 

(3 more posts before shutdown)

...Nobody blogs at the weekend. Here I am on an inescapable deadline (sometime this afternoon the computer will be turned off, the leads unplugged, the monitor and tower thing and keyboard and speakers and printer packed into boxes), here I am on my last day of blogging, my last day in London, my last day of living alone... here I am with three more posts to go EVER: and nobody's there.

After today I won't even be able to read your comments or access my email for a couple of weeks. It takes that long to transfer a broadband account at Christmas, apparently.

So that leaves me here, alone, talking to people who can't listen. I'm a voice in the wilderness; I'm the man behind the soundproof glass; I'm... I'm that guy you walk past in the street, slumped against a doorway in the rain with an upturned hat on the floor and a dog on a string, shouting at you, desperately trying to make you understand, furiously trying to tell you something. And nobody's listening. Walk on by, baby. Don't look back.

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